Prayer Ministry

Our Prayer Team is ready to partner with you to help you find the freedom available through Jesus Christ.  Prayer ministry is designed to get to the root of anything hindering your personal connection with our Father, so that you can walk into the destiny that you have been called. Whether it is through private prayer on Sunday mornings or prayer ministry throughout the week, our Prayer Partners are ready to help you with the breakthrough that you need. Through prayer we have the power to change our world through speaking with God! God wants us to believe ALL of His promises, for all of His promises are true!

On Sunday mornings, our Prayer Partners, who will be wearing lanyards, can easily be identified during ministry time in the service. We also offer prayer ministry and counseling throughout the week. To do so, please touch base with a member of our Prayer Team or church leadership to schedule. We desire for everyone to experience the full healing that the Father has available.

Interested in Joining the Team?  

If you are interested in joining our Prayer Team, please contact the church office.

Prayer and Counseling  

The Refinery Church offers prayer and counseling throughout the week. If you would like more information or would like to meet with someone, contact our team.