Kids Ministry

The vision at The Refinery is to multiply generations of disciples, so in turn it is our privilege to help raise up our children in the experiential knowledge of the presence and power of God! We are passionate about our future leaders, and our desire is to create an environment to encounter Jesus through worship, play, crafts, and prayer.  It is our belief that age plays no part in a person’s ability to encounter God in a big way, and we genuinely care for each individual from birth to adulthood. Our desire is to see our kids fulfill the destiny that they were made for and we would love for you to partner with us on this adventure!

Our classrooms are a safe, secure and FUN environment, and every volunteer is screened and trained.



Our goal is to meet the needs of our Babes and create a safe, loving environment for them.   We love to pray for our babies, worship with them, and read stories to them. Relax with the knowledge that your children are safe with us, and covered in the love of the Holy Spirit.



The Littles room is where our younger kids experience God in a big way! Through crafts, stories, worship and play, our Littles are busy building their foundational relationship with Christ. Our Littles quickly come to understand that the Christian life is designed to be an adventure! Watch out! Their enthusiasm is contagious!



This isn’t your parent’s Sunday School! Our Bigs are engaged and energized! The Bigs room is a safe and fun environment where the Holy Spirit is free to move and manifest in the lives of your children. Interactive teachings and passionate instructors cover concepts such as healing, identity, spiritual giftings and how to make them applicable to their daily lives. 

The Bigs room is designed to help your children recognize and unleash their potential in Christ. Our hope is to give them not only an education, but also to equip them for their day to day lives outside the four walls of the church.

New to The Refinery?  

You will see a check in desk as soon as you walk in the door. We will have someone there to check you in, show you around, and answer any questions you may have!

Question about the Kids Ministry at The Refinery? Feel free to contact us.